Friday, March 21, 2008


This is at the hotel in Mersing.

At the parking area, near the jetty. Papa and Baby Hercules.

At the upper deck of the ferry.

The jetty.

It's been quite a while since I last blogged, been busy with work,managing my little 'enterprise', attending to family matters and preparing for our our 'balik kampung' this time. Travelling now needs more careful planning as we have to put Ibrahim's needs as our No.1 priority.Did our checklist, bought stuff that we didnt have and off we went on Saturday, 15 March 2008, left USJ around 8.30. So we travelled with 1 dive bag (filled with B and my clothes, no BCD, regulators whatsoever), 1 oyster bag, 2 backpacks and a stroller). For this entry, I intend to put in detail the cost, where we ate, what we did for reference in the future.


It was a pleasant journey as there were not many cars, Ibrahim was very cooperative in the car, he slept after Seremban until we woke him up when we arrived Pagoh R & R.But hey where are we going? Can anyone guess?Had breakfast there and continued our journey for another 1 1/2 hour, we stopped at the Kluang Railway Station for their coffee & kopitiam foody,not actually hungry but just for the fun of it.After all, we were in no hurry. I love this pace!Resumed our journey and we finally arrived Mersing. Checked into the hotel and we rested for a while!Mersing was just our transit, the real journey started the next day.


We woke up quite early though our ferry was scheduled at 11.30.Went out for breakfast.Back to the the hotel, packed our stuff and we checked out around 10.30. Went straight to the jetty, parked our car at the designated place and lounged at the jetty, watching the other holiday-goers.So we finally boarded the ferry around 12, it started its journey around 12.15. Journey took around 3 hours.Yeah i's very long, the start of the journey was a bit slow due to low tide and many stops at many kampungs. However with speed boat, you can cut half the time. Of course, once we checked in our humble chalet, we were very exhausted. Relaxed for awhile, then we head out to the cafe for tea. After tea, B cant tahan anymore, he changed and dived into the sea. "Sea is where I belonged" that's what he said.
Ok let's make it shorter and easier, I have abandoned this entry for nearly a month. I can't wait the pictures. It was really nice in Salang, especially we really love beach holiday. My husband has been coming here for 14 years and myself this is my 4th time. My husband asked me what will be my max stay in Salang? I told him i can survive there for a month. He said 1 month stay sounds very reasonable and probably we can do that when we can. In that one month, I can take up diving lessons and license, enjoy the beach, enjoy the food, enjoy every minute with my loved ones with nothing stressful to think about. No work, no driving, no TV. Just beautiful sunset, sound of waves as your lullaby, sparkling stars at dawn, sleeping at the hammock by the sea, just US everyday.Lovely eh?That's exactly what we did 4 days 3 nights there.
As for Ibrahim, we can see that he really loved it there, he talked a lot, very comfortable with the sea, picked up new skills like he can sit on sit on his own from a standing position, he didn't wail, he enjoyed strolling by the sea, didn't give us a problem during the journey. He was so cooperative and understanding and the best part of all he let us, P and Ma enjoyed a late night rendezvous.
Down here i'll put down the expenses for the holiday, just for my own record purposes and probably if you have the intention to enjoy Tiona Island, you can sort of know the 'damage'. Other than that, enjoy the pictures.
That's our room, the busiest one with clothes hanging.
The side of our chalet.

The room, very basic with AC and hot shower.

Mamam time.

Shower after sea.


Ma' s fav pic.

Ok Ma enough for me.

Work call.

The beach near dusk.
My new Ipanema. What's up Gisele?

Thursday, February 28, 2008


The first conversation took place at KLCC, i think somewhere in January, or may be in late December 07. We were passing LV.

Me: I think every woman should have an LV as their handbags.At least once in their lifetime.
B: Really? How much does an LV cost?
Me: It's the same thing with watch, you buy a watch maker. They are the bag maker.The one that I saw was 6 plus.
B: U tengok kat mana? (ni soalan trick ni)
Me: Ala kat internet.

The conversation ended there as we escalated to the next floor.
The next day, or two days after.I was at MV.
I was in DP when my phone rang. It was B.

Me: Hi B.
B: Ha where are you sayang?
Me: Im at DP, tengok baju.
B: I think I know what to get you for your birthday.
Me: Apa?
B: Tak boleh cakap surprise.I know you're going to love it. Nothing like what we talked yesterday. (Yesterday we talked about husbands giving birthday presents like breastpumps, oven, (I dont mind a KitchenAid) - it sort of gives this kind of message - "Ok honey this your birthday present, work harder for our family)
Me: Cakapla what is it?
B: Oklah i cakap - An LV handbag. (kes sendiri tak boleh tahan)
Me: Ye ke B? (Couldnt believe my ear)
B: Do you mind getting an early birthday gift?
Me: Of course I dont mind. It's an LV. But do we have that kind of money for a handbag?
B: InsyaAllah ada sayang.
Me: Tq B.
B: Ok B, I have to take this call, I'll call you later.
Me: Ok b I love you. (Tarus I love you)
Even since that conversation I cant sleep peacefully. So I browsed We both agreed that Trevi PM is the best for me. Went to LV on 10 Feb 2008, asked for Trevi PM but they didnt have it.Cedih! They said Trevi PM doesnt stay long in the boutique. Kalau 3 masuk, it will be purchased within 2/3 days. The SA advised us to put half deposit and to name 3 choices in case of anything. So I named Trevi PM as my 1st, Tivoli GM 2nd and 3rd Berkeley. With half deposit, if Trevi But hatiku just want Trevi PM. I prayed they will send Trevi PM soon to LV KL. 1 week passed by, still no call from LV, B reminded to call LV. So I called, they said no Trevi in the latest shipment. They have at least 2 shipment in a week. 2nd week, I called again, still no Trevi. Then on 21st Feb, I got a call, KL number. My heart leaped with joy, I know it's from LV. The SA called to tell me Trevi is already in their boutique. But I cant take it immediately, we went to Penang the next day. So B said we will go to LV on Sunday after we arrived from Penang. We went to LV on 24 Feb and the rest they said is history. From date to date, exactly two months from my birthday. So alhamdullah Trevi is with me now. Thank you B for this perfect gift, I love it so much and I love you so much. One thing about B, he likes to make other people happy, he said it's a trait like his late Pa. He likes to give and he likes to share.To me this bag has a classic and sophisticated look. I can carry it on my shoulder (when in a hurry) or carry it in my hand or arm. I pray that B will murah rezeki always, yr rezeki is both a gift and a challenge sweetheart. Always think of Him and He will always think of you.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This is Uncle Aizat with me when I was around 1 and half month.

The host & hostess for tonite.
Wan Nyah.

Hey the party is incomplete without me!

Yesterday was Uncle Aizat's birthday (26 Feb 2008). He's 23.Hahaha i know you thought he was 33. We went for a birthday dinner @ San Francisco Steakhouse . Good food, great company, good dessert and best of all I was the best baby last night because I behaved very well last night, betul tak Ma?!I even tested Ma & Pa's skill on diapering. They passed with flying colours.

So the highlight of last night was of course on the birthday boy, cuma satu je kurang 'marka' Uncle Aizat cant make it last nite, she has a test today, she needed to do her revision. Takpe Aunty Aina from his face we know he missed you and wished you were there last night. We wished you were there too.

So lemme describe a lil about Uncle Aizat, he's tremendously nice, caring and helpful person.Very respectful, matured and loving person. The most important thing he loves me and I love him too. And he's crazy about cars.And Aunty Aina,crazy in a good way of course.
So Uncle Aizat, Ma & Pa pesan give your best in your final year this year and make Tok Uncle and Wan Chu proud, and nanti boleh kawin cepat-cepat and as we have discussed earlier, i will present you with my silat. Happy Birthday to Uncle Aizat, may Allah bestow with His bounty and barakah.

Agak terkezut sedikit disitu.
The cake says it all...

Monday, February 25, 2008


This is the best place for nature lovers!It makes our holiday in Penang this time complete. The view from the 'tree top' cafe just takes your breath away. With table seating sprawled on a wooden deck nestled high-up among the canopy, you are treated to a bird's eye view of the ocean.The gentle sea breeze that comes through is a lullaby to your ear. Really therapeautic!Visitors have the choice of exploring the spice garden (you need to spend approximately 2 hrs to do this) or just relax at the cafe. Ginger tea and choc cookie with black pepper, anyone?

Saturday, February 23, 2008


We took the ferry to the island. Our room.

He's more comfortable in water now. Kish...kish pa.

It really wasnt a planned holiday when hubby decided to "Let's go to Penang this weekend!" on Wednesday. I had to take EL on Friday.So here I am 'broadcasting' live from Holiday Inn, Penang. Wanted to stay @ Park Royal but it was fully booked. Teringat jaman nak dara when Zeeda, Jjay, Aje, Merci and myself had fab time there, sungguh syiok i even tried parasailing. Yesterday, when I was by the beach in my heart I said I wouldnt do it again probably because now I have Ibrahim, ever since I have Ibrahim i told myself i have to keep fit for him. I remember when he was 6 months, i had terrible headache because of flatulence, i was so weak I cant do much for him. Poor baby and he's a baby who constantly needs attention and my breasts so i can imagine his frustration when cant get all those. But of course all these happen for reasons He himself knows, whether bad or good.I keep reminding myself...dont ever stop praying and 'berusaha' and He will do the rest. Ok back to the title of the entry, we had good time here, quality time with our family, visited Tropical Spice Garden ( a must go people the next time you're in Penang), basically pure relaxing and spending time with the family. And of course we enjoyed the food. Except for Eden Seafood Village, the food is below average. The visit to the Tropical Spice Garden was really rejuvanating. I was inspired, the smell of citronella really awakened my senses. I dont know that spices can give us many kinds of effects. We went to the Spice Museum, the first smell that embaraced you was soothing (the smell of mixed spices).It has calming effect. My husband said it's nice to come back home, tired and to be greeted with this kind of aroma. I knowla tu menghint-hont. Ok sayang i promise you when you enter our home, you will be greeted with 'a special portion' designed by yours truly. But anyway im all for this aromatheraphy healing thingy sejak dari dulu lagi so Im game. Anyway do you know the essential oil for sensuality?
Anyway pips, enough of words, let's enjoy the pics!